Rivlin Campaign

The Rivlin Family Alzheimer’s Unit

Herzog Hospital/Ezrath Nashim, established in 1894 by Asher and Yosef Rivlin, is celebrating its 120th anniversary by initiating a project to dedicate a new Alzheimer’s Unit of the Hospital in honor of the Old Yishuv-HaYishuv HaYashan and Rachel Rivlin, who served on the hospital’s board for 40 years.

The proposed Rivlin Family Alzheimer’s Unit will be located in the new Samson Medical Pavilion which has now been constructed. It will integrate clinical, research and public education activities in geriatric neurology, neuropsychology, psychogeriatrics and complementary paramedical and social fields.  The services will be based on innovative methods of evaluation and treatment of the elderly.

Neurological disability and dementia, such as Alzheimer’s Disease can be better diagnosed and treated, and the rate of its progression decelerated by early detection and comprehensive treatment. Herzog Hospital combines neurological, behavioral and social approaches in treating dementia.