Patient Information

Patient Admission Process

Application to be hospitalized at Herzog is usually made through a general hospital in which the patient is hospitalized, in cooperation with the Kupat Holim or insurance health fund. The staff of the department in which the patient is being treated contacts the relevant department at Herzog to discuss the patient’s suitability to be admitted to Herzog.

In order to arrange for hospitalization at Herzog (before the patient is transferred), the family representative should come to the Patient Admission Office at Herzog with the following documents:

1) Own identity card
2) Patient’s identity card
3) Authorization for hospitalization (from Kupat Holim, insurance company etc.)

Upon completing the necessary procedures, the patient will be admitted, in collaboration with the relevant department in the Hospital.

Office hours are:
Sunday – Thursday: 08.00 – 16.00

Questions can be referred to tel: 02-531 6831 or 02-531 6838

Hospitalization Authorization from Kupat Holim

A patient who is referred to Herzog Hospital must have the necessary referral and approval from their health fund (Kupat Cholim). This authorization must be presented to the admission office not later than one day before the authorized patient is admitted.

In the event that the hospitalization needs to be extended, a new authorization from the health fund must be supplied in coordination with the attending physician. A copy of the recommendation for an extended stay should be requested from the social worker in the department some days before the termination of the original guarantee.

Prior to release, the patient and the family will receive advice from the staff and help with problems as needed.

Discharge of patients is usually by midday.