Physical Rehabilitation

Herzog’s Department of Geriatric Rehabilitation cares for patients recovering from strokes, fractures and surgery. Experienced physiotherapists, occupational and speech therapists help patients regain an optimum level of functioning so that they may return home as quickly as possible. 

There is a special emphasis on contact with the patient’s family, who receive guidance on how to cope with the patient’s return home, or advice other alternatives.

For further details please call: 02-5316878


Medical Aspects of Rehabilitation

Geriatric doctors regularly check patients in the Rehabilitation Department, our policy being not only to solve the specific problem which brought the patient into the Hospital but also to take care of his general health. In this way, we try to stop the “revolving door syndrome” so common in other hospitals, whereby a patient returns to the hospital shortly after his release due to other untreated problems.

Nursing Services

The nursing staff sees the patient’s general health and independence as the most important part of their work in the Rehabilitation Department. The nurses’ daily duties are combined with those of the multi-disciplinary medical staff to promote the health and quality of life of both the patient and his family. The nurses endeavor to assist the patient in overcoming his handicaps and to offer physical, emotional and social support. For example, when a patient has been trained to walk with a walker, a nurse will help him move around the Department with it, thus practicing the skill he has just learned in physiotherapy and helping him to function more independently at home.