International Services

What’s in the Center?

  • Diagnostic services
  • Individual trauma-focused therapy for adults, adolescents and        children, including  parental training
  • Family therapy or couple therapy
  • Conferences on a variety of trauma related topics
  • Management seminars on disaster preparedness
  • Instruction for professionals in the field of trauma
  • Courses: an annual trauma treatment course, course on the Somatic

Experiencing method, course on cognitive-behavioral therapy,  courses and instruction groups for professional at their workplace  on trauma treatment as well as workshops and short courses on  different approaches to trauma treatment. 

  • Research and Assessment
  • Regional Center for Coping in the Education system – in cooperation with the Israel Ministry of Education.
  • School based work, including teacher and parent instruction and student  screening for the early detection of post-traumatic symptoms, and schoool based intervention programs.
  • Group therapy (such as a group for surviving siblings; for victims of traffic accidents etc.
  • Lectures and information events for the general public

List of Services

The following services can be provided:

  • Lectures on all aspects of traumatization, prevention of long term consequences, treatment of PTSD and intervention and maintenance for chronic PTSD.
  • Seminar on psychological consequences of terror    (4 hours)
  • Seminar on preventative interventions after trauma (4-16 hours)
  • Seminar on Community oriented approaches to building resiliency(4-16 hours)
  • Seminar on Treatment of trauma-related disorders in adults and     children   (4-24 hours)
  • Course on treatment of PTSD  (16-48 hours)
  • Seminar and training in “Helping the Helper” programs
  • Seminar on disaster management systems and their organization (4-32 hours)
  • Course for mental health professionals on preventative interventions (8-32 hours)

All of these seminar and courses can be given for the level of management and middle management, or on the level of personnel of mental health organizations, or personnel management officers of companies that deal with work-related disaster management.

Clients of the Israel Center for the Treatment of Psychotrauma:

  • Israel Ministry of Health
  • Israel Ministry of Education
  • Israel Ministry of Social Welfare
  • Israel Ministry of Defense
  • Israel Fire Department
  • Israel Police Department
  • The Municipality of Jerusalem
  • Local municipalities and authorities throughout Israel
  • Community Mental Health Centers throughout Israel
  • The Jerusalem Association for the Advancement of  Youth at risk
  • The New York Mental Health Coalition
  • Federation Employment and Guidance Service  (F.E.G.S., New York)
  • New York Dept of Health
  • American Red Cross-Los Angeles Chapter
  • Bosphorus University, Istanbul
  • The Turkish Psychological Association
  • Beslan, Russia
  • Sri Lanka
  • City of Biloxi, Mississippi
  • Mexico City Mental Health Agencies
  • ZAKA