The Medical Library and Information Resource Center of Herzog Hospital is dedicated to the memory of Liora Hasson. It serves as the focal point for gathering medical information and research, as well as being a quiet place to relax. Most of the collection revolves around literature on geriatric and psychiatric medicine.
The Library is located on the entrance floor, right behind the elevators. Aside from a collection of books and periodicals, the Library houses two computer stations with internet access and printer.

The Library is open to hospital personnel, students, patients and their families and Hospital volunteers.

Opening Hours

Days Hours
Sunday 08:00-12:15
Monday 08:00-12:15
Tuesday 13:00-17:15
Wednesday 08:00-12:15
Friday 08:00-12:15

The library is closed on Fridays and Holidays.

During hours in which the library is closed you are welcome to make use of the mailbox in front of the library for any requests.

The librarian, Nir Levin can be reached by phone: 02-531-6849 or by

The services offered by the library include:

1. Online searching of a large number of medical databases.

2. Personal instruction on the use of library resources, including online searching for medical information and general computer usage.

3. Table of contents service for the medical staff.

4. Consumer health information for patients and their families.

5. Lending general reading books (in Hebrew English and Russian) to patients, families and hospital personnel, by way of a circulating weekly trolley.

6. Book borrowing.

7. Interlibrary loan from other libraries in Israel. This is a pay per use service.