Adult Chronic Respiratory Care

Herzog’s Long Term Respiratory Care Unit for Adults is the largest of its kind in the country, providing care for over 80 adult patients who are unable to breath on their own.

Due to constant pressure and demand for more beds, the department continues to grow and expand. In the last year alone there have regularly been 10-15 patients on the waiting list to be hospitalized. The need is growing rapidly as a result of medical technology’s rapid advance, enabling doctors to treat victims of accidents and disease where previously there was no help.

A new, larger and custom designed department will be housed in the new Samson Pavilion under construction at the hospital and will occupy a dedicated facility. It will offer much needed space and facilities for the growing number of patients that require the specialized care of the Herzog Hospital staff. As the primary purpose of the new units will be the care of ALS patients, the units will be provided with facilities for families to visit and spend time with the patients. Also, as many of these patients are conscious, they will have facilities to enable them to communicate, watch TV, use computers etc’, each according to his/her capabilities. There will be complete flexibility to enable variations according to the actual need at any given time.