Facts & Figures

Herzog Hospital is the third largest hospital in Jerusalem, and is one of the few hospitals in Israel combining Geriatric and Psychiatric health care.

The Hospital serves the health needs of the population of Jerusalem and other areas in Israel. The Hospital operates clinics, medical departments and research laboratories, offering medical support and hospitalization for the sick and specialized nursing for the elderly.

The organization was established in 1894 by a group of volunteers as the first psychiatric hospital in the Middle East.

Until the late 1960′s the Hospital specialized in psychiatric inpatient cases. Since then, it has become a general geriatric hospital, offering treatment for the elderly as well as the mentally ill, both within the Hospital and in an ambulatory setting. The Hospital also promotes basic and clinical research in Geriatrics and Psychiatry.

Herzog Hospital has 330 beds, organized in 13 departments. Seventy percent of the Hospital’s beds are for geriatric patients. In recognition of the hospital’s expertise in respiratory care, the Ministry of Health requested Herzog to open a Children’s Chronic Respiratory department. The Community Mental Health Center operates in north Jerusalem, while the Israel Center for the Treatment of Psychotrauma is situated in one of Jerusalem’s southern neighborhoods.

The Hospital has constructed the new eight floor Editha and Dr. Heinz E. Samson Medical Pavilion which is adding 270 much needed beds. This includes a Sheltered Underground Emergency Hospital built to withstand the impact of missiles and provide protection from chemical and biological attack. It is now being used as special 160 bed Covid isolation Unit.

Chairman of the Board: Mr. Shamai Keinan

Director General: Dr. Yehezkel Cainene