Staff Publications

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Hypnotherapeutic olfactory conditioning (HOC): case studies of needle phobia, panic disorder, and combat-induced PTSD.
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Are psychological distress symptoms different in fibromyalgia patients compared to relatives with and without fibromyalgia?
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A new hypnotic technique for treating combat-related posttraumatic stress disorder: a prospective open study.
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38.  Jaul E.
Assessment and management of pressure ulcers in the elderly: current strategies.
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39.  Jaul E.
The physician and medical staff home condolence visit.
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Mothers’ dopamine receptor polymorphism modulates the relation between infant fussiness and sensitive parenting.
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Beyond the beers criteria: A comparative overview of explicit criteria.
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Subtyping major depressive disorder.
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Esophageal obstruction due to enteral feed bezoar: A case report and literature review.
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A prospective pilot study of atypical pressure ulcer presentation in a skilled geriatric nursing unit.
Ostomy Wound Manage. Feb., 2011
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Vasopressin needs an audience: neuropeptide elicited stress responses are contingent upon perceived social evaluative threats.
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Ladostigil prevents age-related glial activation and spatial memory deficits in rats.
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The relationship between ADHD and key cognitive phenotypes is not mediated by shared familial effects with IQ.
Psychol Med. Apr., 2011. 
57.  Prefrontal oscillatory stimulation modulates access to cognitive control references in retrospective metacognitive commentary

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