Dialysis Unit

   One of the major problems facing the geriatric patient is the probability of multi-organ failure. Most commonly this is kidney failure which, in some cases, requires dialysis.

 For any patient, dialysis, when required over a period of time, brings about a major change in the quality of life. This is exacerbated many-fold when the patient is elderly and infirm. In such patients, the need for dialysis compounds an already complicated situation which, in the case of patients who require nursing care, can make the problems almost insurmountable.

 Herzog Hospital is one of the major geriatric hospitals in Israel and the only one in the greater Jerusalem area. As such it is the referral center for many patients with multi-organ failure. Over the last few years the hospital has built up a large dialysis service in response to the needs of the local population. Mostly these are ambulatory patients but some, as mentioned above, are patients who also require full time nursing care.

 These patients are hospitalized on the general nursing wards and are moved for dialysis treatment each time.  We have planned to construct a new unit which will house the dialysis in-patients and the Dialysis Unit on the same floor, and also enable us to double our capacity. The rooms will be equipped with facilities for the dialysis machines and will enable the patient to undergo dialysis either in his bed, sitting in an armchair or within the dialysis center. Adjacent to the unit will be a dining room and public area for the patients to meet families and friends.

 As the unit will be an integral part of the Internal Medicine department, it has twenty four hour medical coverage, a full nursing complement and full access to Hospital laboratory services.