The physiotherapy staff comprises a team of highly qualified therapists working in the various departments, particularly Geriatric Rehabilitation.

Most patients arrive in wheelchairs and undergo an advanced process of rehabilitation. They are treated by our trained staff with the aim of returning the patient to his former level of functioning and quality of life after about one month. In an area where a patient can no longer function, the staff instructs the patient and his family in ways to deal with this. The physiotherapists work with advanced equipment and up-to-date methods of treatment. Lately, an electric stair system has been provided to help patients go up and down stairs of varying degrees of difficulty. In addition, special beds enable the patient to practice getting in and out unaided, while other tools help him with daily tasks such as personal hygiene.

The patient and his needs are always at the forefront of our work in order to help him regain his place as a functioning member of society.