Canadian Friends of Herzog Hospital

Canadian Friends of Herzog Hospital/
 Ezrath Nashim
3030 Lawrence Avenue East
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Toronto, ON
M1P 2T7     Canada
Tel: (416) 256-4222
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Canadian Friends of Herzog Hospital was established to assist to raise awareness and funds to support the work of Herzog Hospital in Israel.
The Toronto community with its many longtime supporters, as well as numerous new friends takes great pride in the central role Toronto has played in initiating so many unique projects at the hospital. Over the years, Canadian Friends has actively supported the building and renovating of the hospital in addition to developing new programs.
This includes the Dr. Bernard Ludwig Ethiopian Nurses’ Aides Scholarship; the Beverly Minuk Brain Care Centre; the Lily Silver Education Center; the Silver-Cooper Rehabilitation Wing; the Temmy and Albert Latner Israel Centre for the Treatment of Psychotrauma; the Dr. Sherryn Roth Cardiology Rehabilitation Care and Research Unit; the Dr. Stanley and Marilyn Greben Respiratory Unit; the Dr. Ricky Kanee Schachter Unit for the Enhancement of Wound Healing; the Doris M. Bloom Endowment Fund in Dermatology; and the Mary Blum Devor Unit for Children and Youth in Distress. Through the generosity of the late Mrs. Golda Koschitzky z’l., Herzog Hospital purchased the most advanced bone density machine to help in its treatment of those suffering from osteoporosis.
The Dr. Paul Garfinkel Mental Health Program for Israel’s Immigrants was established providing psychological counseling especially geared to Ethiopian and Russian immigrants in their mother tongue. This marks an important improvement in the psychological support available to immigrants at Herzog Hospital’s Community Mental Health Centre.
Canadian Friends of Herzog Hospital is committed to Global Outreach Initiatives that involve young adults and focus on ‘Kids Helping Kids,” on an international scale. Canadian Friends conducted a national art competition for children from across Canada who painted pictures and the winning paintings will hang in the twenty- five rooms of the newly constructed Children’s Respiratory Unit.
Finance: Herzog Hospital is required to raise part of its operating budget, as well as funds for improvement, expansion and research from private sources, including planned gifts and bequests. Projects are supported through “FRIENDS OF HERZOG HOSPITAL” groups, overseas and in Israel, and by foundations and individuals.
Donor Information: Extensive Gift and naming opportunities include the following departments: Physical Rehabilitation; Psychogeriatrics; Acute Geriatric Care; Psychiatry; Adult and Children’s Chronic Respiratory and Complex Nursing. In all departments patient rooms are available for dedication.

With the construction of the Edith and Dr. Heinz E. Samson Medical Pavilion, there are also many new excellent naming opportunities. New medical equipment is also always a pressing need. Numerous research projects in genetics, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, schizophrenia and other areas require funding.  The Hospital maintains a full range of endowment and deferred giving plans including charitable remainder trusts & pooled income funds.