Herzog’s Long Term Respiratory Care Department provides multi-disciplinary care to patients who are unable to breath on their own.

The patients represent a cross section of etiologies, ranging from acute events (such as anoxic brain damage) to slowly progressive diseases (such as ALS). Each patient has his or her own unique characteristics and issues, and family members are often affected by the patient’s condition. The Department’s staff comprises an interdisciplinary team of professionals – doctors, nurses, social workers, paramedical professionals, and psychological trauma therapists – who address the varied needs of the patient and the family.

Long term respiratory services at Herzog include specially equipped departments for adults and for children.

A section in the new Samson Medical Pavilion, which is under construction, will be dedicated to the expansion of this Department, and will allow the hospital to allocate additional beds, to answer the ever growing need for the services the Long Term Respiratory Care Department.