Samson Pavilion

Dr. Heinz E. Samson and his wife Editha, have made a major donation to Herzog Hospital to construct a new medical Pavilion. The Editha and Dr. Heinz E. Samson Medical Pavilion will add approximately another 240 urgently needed beds to Herzog Hospital to help meet the growing health care needs in the Jerusalem area in the 21st century, especially for the elderly.

The Samson Pavilion will comprise basement levels and patient floors. The floors will house a number of departments, including an expanded Department of Psychogeriatrics (catering mainly to patients with dementias such as Alzheimer’s disease), an expanded respiratory care unit for children and additions to the adult respiratory unit, which the largest in Israel. Other departments will include Internal Medicine/Acute Geriatric Medicine, Complex Nursing Care, Dialysis and other departments as need dictates.

An underground Emergency Hospital, to house and treat the patients in their beds during an attack, will be constructed in one of the basement levels. It will be built as part of an underground parking lot and will be equipped accordingly using the latest protective equipment. This is a direct result of the Second Lebanon War and recent Gaza conflict, as building requirements for hospitals have been revised to include expanded shelters for the protection of patients from rocket fire. This additional reinforcement adds considerably to the construction costs. In addition, an expanded Radiology Suite and a Synagogue will be built into the side of the mountain on one of the hospitalization floors and will also double as a shelter in case of attack.

There are numerous dedication opportunities available. Please contact the Development department of the hospital to identify ways in which you can help.