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Community Mental Health Center

The Hospital’s Community Mental Health Clinic centrally located in Jerusalem, treats over 2,000 adults and children every month. In addition, the Center has developed a special expertise in treating psychiatric problems of adolescents in the orthodox community.

The Community Mental Health Center treats 2000 outpatients – children, adults and the elderly – every month. The Center, currently located in an old converted apartment building in northernJerusalem, serves a multi-cultural population comprised of Jews, Arabs and Christians. It is the only such center for psychological counseling in this part of Jersualem-a catchment area of over 250,000 people. The Center was the first of its kind inIsrael, and provided a model for similar clinics elsewhere in the country.

The Center maintains separate clinics that provide the full range of psychiatric services for all ages-children; adults, and the elderly. It is a leader in treating obsessive compulsive disorder and the full range of behavioral problems. Special expertise has been developed in treating the mental health problems within the ultra-orthodox community. The Center’s staff is highly regarded in the Mental Health community inIsraeland is extensively published inIsraeland internationally.

The Etgar Children’s Clinic is a center for the diagnosis and treatment of Attention Deficiency and Hyperactivity Disorder, and has set up a support group for parents of children with ADHD. In addition, they run a clinic to treat Tourette’s Syndrome.

The Clinic is currently utilizing rental facilities due to space limitations at the Center.