The Patient Rejection Scale in an Israeli sample: correlations with relapse and physician’s assessment

Author : Brom D.

Source : Schizophr Res.8(1):81-7

Date : 01/10/1992

Authors:Heresco-Levy U, Brom D, Greenberg D Abstract:The Patient Rejection Scale (PRS), which was developed to assess the feelings of rejection that relatives experience toward mental patients, was administered to a sample of 50 family members living with schizophrenic outpatients in Jerusalem, Israel. PRS response distribution was similar to that reported for a New York City sample. Total rejection scores were significantly correlated with a number of demographic variables and with the treating physician’s assessment of the degree of rejection, hostility and criticism of the respective family members. Physician’s rating of emotional over-involvement did not correlate with PRS scores. Both PRS and treating physician’s ratings correlated significantly with course of illness parameters. The findings and their implications are discussed in the context of expressed emotion (EE) research.