Sanity and Sanctity: New Book by Dr. David Greenberg and Prof. Eli Witztum

Dr. David Greenberg, Director of the Community Mental Health Center, and Prof. Eli Witzum from the Center have just published their book called “Sanity and Sanctity – Mental Health Work Among the Ultra-Orthodox of Jerusalem”. This book highlights 20 years of treatment and research of mental health problems of the Ultra-Orthodox community in Jerusalem. The book discusses some of the challenges in treating and diagnosing the Ultra-Orthodox. In view of the recently publicized mental health incidents in the orthodox community in North America, the publication of this book is most timely. It is available in Jewish bookstores as well as through the major chains and on the Internet. The book has received widespread positive reviews. For example, Prof. Mortimer Ostow, professor emeritus of pastoral psychiatry, Jewish Theological Seminary of America wrote, “The serious and enlightening study of mental health and illness in individuals at the extreme of religious commitment is beautifully written, psychiatrically perceptive, sophisticated and wise, and religiously informed (and informative). It will engage every reader with an interest in the psychology of religious people, cultural psychiatry, and the uses and abuses of religious, spiritual and mystical engagement with the world.”


The authors are available for speaking engagements. This book also ties in with the Hospital’s plans to expand and totally renovate the Community Mental Health Clinic in northern Jerusalem