Past Events

Wednesday, September 14, 2005 – Comedy Night at the Friar’s Club In honor of Lyon (Lenny) Roth, Esq. for his devotion to Israeli Causes, with Comedian Steve Solomon and Dr. Danny Brom, head of Herzog’s Israel Center for the Treatment of Psychotrauma.


May, 2005

Monday, May 16th – New Leadership Luncheon on the 10th Floor of 15 East 26th Street with Dr. Caine, the director general of the hospital and Shamai Keinan, Herzog Hospital’s Chairman of the Board.


Tuesday, May 17th – National Board of Directors Meeting on the 10th Floor of 15 East 26th Street with Dr. Caine, the director general of the hospital and Shamai Keinan, Herzog Hospital’s Chairman of the Board.


April, 2005

American Friends of Herzog Hospital President Anthony Berkowitz and his wife Elena hosted a parlor meeting in their Great Neck home for newly appointed Director of Neurological Services at Herzog Hospital, Dr. Yakir Kaufman. Dr. Kaufman was on his way to Miami Beach for a four day conference presented by the American Academy of Neurology on, “How Spirituality and Relgiosity May Slow the Progression of Alzheimer’s Disease.” (*His presentation was fascinating and will be able to be seen live on Herzog’s website shortly.) Many contributions have already come in and we expect many more. All the money will go toward the two new projects that Dr. Kaufman spoke about:

1. The only Psychogeraitrics Emergency Center in Israel at Herzog Hospital that provides emergency care, evaluation and treatment to elderly patients requiring immediate care for behavioral disorders.


2. The Integrative Health and Brain Center at Herzog Hospital that will offer multidisciplinary medical treatment and improvement in the health and quality of life to its patients. The Center will comprehensively address the biological, psychological, social and spiritual aspects of health and wellness.


February/March, 2005

Dr. Danny Brom, director of Herzog Hospital’s Israel Center for the Treatment of Psychotrauma, came to New York for a week in February and then again in March during which he spoke at a number of events highlighting the new release of a book, “The Trauma of Terrorism” he co-edited with Dr. Yael Danieli and Joe Sills.

(*For more information go to the website

Dr. Brom spoke to 800 members of Rabbi Billet’s Young Israel of Woodmere synagogue

Dr. Brom and the co-editors of “The Trauma of Terrorism” were part of a panel of keynote speakers from a number of different countries at an event at the United Nations, attended by over 200 people.

Dr. Brom and the co-editors of “The Trauma of Terrorism” were the guest speakers at a luncheon hosted by Senator (NY-D) Hilary Clinton in Washington, DC, attended by numerous Israeli and White House dignitaries.


Herzog’s Trauma Center Seminars were highlighted at a booth at a Convention in Boca Raton, Florida selling trauma and terrorism related services and equipment run by The Golan Group.


Lois Tilton, Esq., a partner at Gerald and Lawrence Blumberg, gave the second group of Financial Planning and Advisors a presentation at her office about “Estate Planning.”


January, 2005

Several events in New York and Florida were held with guest speaker Prof. David Greenberg, director of Herzog Hospital’s Community Mental Health Center. He was recently appointed as a professor in psychiatry at the Hadassah Hebrew University Medical School, is the editor of the Israel Journal of Psychiatry and has published extensively on cultural psychology in the Orthodox community, particularly obsessive-compulsive disorder. He spoke about “Bridging the Gap Between Psychiatry and Religion” and is the co-author of the book “Sanity and Sanctity: Mental Health Work with the Ultra-Orthodox in Jerusalem.” (*See website for more details).

Congregation Netviot Shalom and Rabbi Ron Price invited all members in the Teaneck community to hear Prof. David Greenberg speak at their shul on a Shabbat morning.

Longtime Board Member and good friend of Prof. Greenberg, Maria Finkle hosted a cocktail reception in her Palm Beach home for Prof. Greenberg for 50 of her friends.

Dan Schwimmer, Vice President of Merrill Lynch in Boca Raton and President of the Florida Friends of Herzog Hosptial, held a private luncheon for his top clients at ML with Prof. Greenberg.


December, 2004

Financial Planner and Advisor’s Meeting with Richard Marker, professor at New York University and advisor to foundations, independent funders and non-profits organizations. A Chanukah Party at the newly opened kosher hot-spot “Solo” in the Sony Atrium followed.


On December 5th and usually closed on Sundays, the American Friends of Herzog Hospital opened Granny’s Attic, an antique shop in Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey, for an auction of many unique, historic items. Ten percent of all the proceeds for the day were donated to Herzog Hospital.


November, 2004

American Friends past co-presidents Dr. Joy Zagoren and Amir Sternhell were honored at a dinner held at a unique mansion in the West Village called the Algier House. Both honored guests brought many friends and colleagues to the event and each had beautiful speeches given to them by friends and family. Dr. Caine, the director general of the hospital was there to give his support as well as Dr. Danny Brom, who gave a brief update on Herzog’s Israel Center for the Treatment of Psychotrauma, of which Dr. Brom is the director. (*See website for more details


New Leadership Luncheon with past participants of the Financial Planning and Advisor’s Seminar with Dr. Caine.


David and Beth Chesir, held a parlor meeting in their Westchester home at which Dr. Naomi Baum spoke about Herzog Hospital’s Israel Center for the Treatment of Psychotrauma’s National School Intervention Program (NSIP). The NSIP, directed by Dr. Baum, sends trained psychologists into schools (kindergarten through high school) and teaches the children’s caretakers (principals, guidance counselors, teachers and parents) how to screen students to see who are suffering from any kind of trauma and then how to treat them. So far, the NSIP has screened nearly 6,000 students and given help to all who were in need of trauma counseling. (*See website for more details).


October, 2004

With Herzog Hospital’s numerous ties to the Russian Jewish Community in Israel, the American Friends of Herzog Hospital teamed up with Lincoln Center to present,”Russian Splendor,” an unforgettable gala of Russian performances including: classically trained pianist and composer Alexander Peshkanov, Russian soprano Svetlana Portnyansky and several other world renowned Russian personalities.


National Board Meeting


September, 2004

Post-mission gathering of New Leadership group at the home of Heidi Goldstein.


August, 2004

Lyon (Lenny) Roth turned his 40th birthday into a fundraiser for Herzog Hospital. He rented a party boat that rides around Manhattan. We had kosher falafel, all you can eat and drink, music, dancing and 165 NEW PEOPLE who joined us for the celebration to wish Lenny a happy 40th! It was a fun night, but also a profitable one… We raised $10,000 for new wheelchairs for Herzog Hospital!


July, 2004

Six participants from the Financial Planning Seminars came to the first ever American Friends Mission to Israel to visit Herzog Hospital, the Israel Center for the Treatment of Psychotrauma and the Community Mental Health Center. *(See Website for More Details). The group was treated to individual meetings with the heads of every Herzog department, met with Herzog patients, numerous Israeli professors and dignitaries, Members of Knesset, air force base personnel, and board members of Herzog Hospital at a beautiful reception at the home of Bernice Beare, wife of Aaron Beare, who the new Research Laboratories are named after.


June, 2004

David Monk, a private client service advisor to individuals, non-profits and families, at Credit Suisse First Boston, a top ranking global bank in equity and fixed income trading, research and alternative investments, spoke to the Financial Planning Seminars group about “Managing the Investment Process for Endowments and Foundations.”


Avery E. Neumark, CPA, JD, LL.M is a partner and director of employee benefits and executive compensation for Rosen, Seymour, Shapss, Martin & Co., LLP (RSSM), a nationally recognized certified public accounting firm and an affiliate of International Association of Accounting Firms (AI). Mr. Neumark spoke to the Financial Planning and Advisors Group about, “The Most Recent Developments/Changes Affecting Individual Retirement Accounts (IRS’s).”


Dr. Danny Brom, director Herzog’s Israel Center for the Treatment of Psychotrauma was in New York and Los Angeles for some private donor meetings.


May, 2004

Professor William Schwartz, spoke at our fourth Finanical Planning and Advisors’ Seminar about , “The Myths of Estate Planning.” Prof. Schwartz is counsel to Cadawalder, Wichersham & Taft, the nation’s oldest law firm and was the former dean of Boston University’s Law School. He and his wife, Bernice, are longtime supporters of Herzog Hospital.


Board member Dr. Elliot Gershon and his wife held a parlor meeting in their Chicago home. Dr. Esther Lee Marcus, head of Herzog Hospital’s Acute Geriatric Department in Jerusalem, was in Chicago at Rush University’s Medical Center for a fellowship awarded she was awarded. Dr. Marcus spoke about “Nutrition and Exercise for Healthy Aging.”


Prof. Richard Ebstein, head of Herzog Hospital’s Research Department, spoke at longtime board member Maria Finkle’s upper east side apartment on his, “Genetic Research as it Relates to Alzheimer’s Disease and Human Personality Traits and Discovery of Genes Related to Shyness and Attention Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).”

*See “Research” on Website for more details


April, 2004

Richard Marker, professor at New York University and advisor to foundations, independent funders and non-profits organizations, spoke at our third financial planning and advisors’ seminar. He spoke about, “Emerging Changes in World Jewry.”


“A Pre-Passover Evening with Jackie Mason” was held at North Shore Towers in New Hyde Park, Long Island. Three hundred people attended the hysterical event at which Jackie Mason began practicing for his new stint on Broadway. All participants went home with Passover macaroons with a special wish from Herzog Hospital.


Dr. Yehezkel Caine, director general of Herzog Hospital, spent a few days in New York meeting board members, financial planners and donors.

*See Director General on Website for more details.


March, 2004

Lyon (Lenny) Roth, vice president at Bernstein Investment Research and Management, a world leader in managing private and institutional assets, was the second guest speaker in the Financial Planning and Advisors’ Seminar. He spoke about, “Setting Investment Objectives for Endowments and Foundations.”


February, 2004

Our first Financial Planning & Advisors’ Seminar was held. The seminars consist of a series of 6 complimentary roundtable discussions at which top level business consultants, accountants, attorneys, estate planners, real estate investors, investment bankers, brokers and bankers attend. A different speaker and topic is chosen for each seminar. Lois Tilton, Esq., a partner at Gerald and Lawrence Blumberg, spoke about “Estate Planning for the 21st Century.” The series is a wonderful occasion for participants to network and develop their own relationships with other top professionals in related fields as well as learn the latest about Herzog Hospital’s projects and improvements.


January/February 2004

Shai Shoham Speaking Tour – American Friends of Herzog Hospital brought Dr. Shai Shoham, head of Herzog Hospital’s Histopathology Research Laboratory, to the U.S. where he spoke at four different events:

Vice President Dr. Joy Zagoren hosted an event at the Academy of Sciences. Even with a snowstorm, 30 Manhattanites came out for the event..

Longtime board member Maria Finkle held a dessert reception in her Palm Beach home for 50 of her close friends.

Laurie Schwartz Friedman and her husband Stuart held a cozy event at their home in Lincoln Towers on Super Bowl Sunday. The meeting was so successful, not one television was turned on even for the score!

A dear Great Neck friend held a reception on her home for 60 Long Islanders to hear Dr. Shoham.

*See “Research” on Website for more details


October 2003

The Israel Center for Psychotrauma at Herzog Hospital team of experts: Dr. Danny Brom, Dr. Ruth Pat-Horenczyk Mrs. Tali Levanon came to New York to meet with several different American groups to help train trauma specialists here in the U.S. which they’ve been doing for the past three years since 9/11.