The Temmy and Albert Latner Center

The Temmy and Albert Latner Israel Center for the Treatment of Psychotrauma was founded by experts in the field of traumatic stress, as a project of Herzog Hospital, to promote the development of services and treatment for trauma survivors throughout Israel. The center is renowned as one of the leading research and treatment centers in Israel, and serves as an international resource center about trauma and treatment for both professionals and the general public.

When everyday people experience sudden, unexpected, out of the ordinary events, they feel as if the equilibrium of their lives has been disrupted. Traumatic events can shatter one’s most basic beliefs about trust and safety and leave the trauma survivor in a state of physical alertness. Recent decades have seen tremendous advances in the scientific community’s understanding of the impact of traumatic events on the human psyche. Today we know that most people who undergo traumatic events go through the coping process without developing problems. A sizable minority do get stuck and need professional help. In this site you will find information about healthy coping patterns and about therapy methods that have been developed to help trauma survivors, using relatively brief and focused techniques.

The Israel Center for the Treatment of Psychotrauma operates Metiv is a walk-in crisis center, created in order to serve Jerusalem residents who have been affected by terror attacks (without necessarily being physically harmed by them) or who are going through a life crisis with which they are having difficulty coping (such as separation, loss, losing a job, violence etc.). The goal of treatment at Metiv is to help people identify personal resources and support from family and the community, in order to deal with the crisis and return to previous levels of functioning.

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