5V9A8470The opening ceremony of the new Dr. Edith and Dr. Heinz E. Samson Medical Pavilion was attended by an overflowing crowd including Israel’s Minister of Health Rabbi Yakov Litzman, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, and donors from Israel and overseas. Knesset Member, Isaac Herzog, the grandson of Rabbanit Sarah Herzog, for whom the hospital is named, affixed the mezuzah. The ceremony received considerable media coverage in Israel and overseas.
The new Pavilion IS more than double the physical size of the current building’s 330 patient beds. The children in the hospital’s Children’s Chronic Respiratory Care Department were the first to be transferred to the significantly larger department in the new pavilion. These children, some as young as 3 months old, have moved to larger more modern rooms, with only 2 beds per room. The patients from one of the Adult Chronic Care Respiratory Departments have also been transferred. The remaining floors
will be completed as additional donations are received. A sheltered underground emergency hospital, built to withstand the impact of missiles and provide protection from chemical and biological attack, was also constructed as an integral part of the new Pavilion. Construction costs are being underwritten exclusively through philanthropic
support, and there are many dedication opportunities still available for a variety of needs. As well as to help fund the purchase of the needed medical equipment for the additional 270 patients we will be caring for.