Prof. Danny Brom

Director, Latner Institute – Israel Center for the Treatment of Psychotrauma

Author of ‘Coping with Trauma’

National Research Director for AMCHA

Member of Scientific Advisory Committee, Trauma Center, Izmit, Turkey

Member of Scientific Advisory Committee, War Trauma Foundation, Holland

Recipient of the Award of the Dutch Academy of Sciences

D� ls��@�al style=’line-height:normal’>Every Wednesday at 12:00, a seminar takes place at the Center, for the benefit of the medical and nursing staff of Herzog Hospital, as well as for the general public.





Ethiopian Training Course

The Lily Silver Education Center is the location for a special six month course to train young Ethiopian women to become geriatric nurse’s aides. The program combines classroom studies at the Center with ‘hands on’ work in various hospital departments. This project is officially recognized by Israel’s Ministry of Social and Labor Affairs, which will provides a special certificate to those who complete the course. This important project, which will provide the participants with a profession, employment, integration into Israeli society, and dignity, is completely funded by donations.