Osteoporosis Testing and Diagnosis for Holocaust Survivors

Prof. Jacob Menczel, Director of the Osteoporosis Department and former Director General at Herzog, recently completed two important studies in the field of osteoporosis: the frequency of osteoporosis among patients suffering from depression, and the frequency of osteoporosis among Holocaust survivors. He recently reported on this research at the European Geriatric Society Congress in Florence, Italy. This research, which included 86 survivors (53 women and 33 men), found that osteoporosis is more common among Holocaust survivors than in the general population, and more common among people who spent the war in Poland, Romania, Austria and Germany than those who were in Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia. In connection with this research, Prof. Menczel is providing free bone-density examinations to Holocaust survivors, to diagnose their level of osteoporosis. This public service is part of a special research project that proactively identifies and treats Holocaust survivors suffering from osteoporosis.