Conference on childhood Trauma

Herzog Hospital, with funding from the UJA Federation of New York, organized the First Bi-National Conference on Treating Traumatized Children and Adolescents. This landmark conference, organized in conjunction with the Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services of N.Y., was attended by over 300 professionals. They examined the many needs of children and adolescents resulting from the last two years of violence in Israel. In addition to the exchange of ideas, several new programs were established. These include a screening program in Israeli schools to identify children who would be susceptible to traumatic behavior, as well as counseling and training programs with the schools and the Ministry of Education. Prof. Haim Dasberg, Dr. Danny Brom, Dr. Ruth Pat-Horenczyk and Dr. Naomi Baum, all from Herzog Hospital, were presenters at this conference. Dr. Claude Chemtob, Director of the National Institute for PTSD in Hawaii, was the keynote speaker.