700 people attend Awareness Event in Toronto For Herzog’s Children’s Respiratory Care Dept


Canadian Friends of Herzog Hospital in partnership with the Woodbridge Art School and Gallery, initiated a nationwide Awareness Campaign “Windows to the World – Kids Helping Kids”. This art competition campaign mobilized children from the age

700 people attended the recently held event in Toronto where the winners were announced. This effort demonstrated to children in Canada how they can help children in Israel. This of 5 to 19 to create works of art depicting “A Memorable Moment”, “A Beautiful Place” or “A Dazzling Dream”. 13,000 children from summer camps and schools from across Canada submitted paintings and drawings. 25 winners were selected by an independent panel of judges, and will have their art hung in the 25 new rooms in the Children’s Chronic Respiratory Care Department now being constructed in the new Samson Pavilion at Herzog Hospital. In addition, 152 pictures were selected and will hang in hospitals, nursing homes and shelters across Canada.

Awareness Campaign has also projected the work of Herzog Hospital in communities throughout Canada, which have never heard of Herzog before.

The winning message submitted by a girl in eight grade was- “When I found out the art was for a Children’s Respiratory Wing I thought of bubbles filled with “good air”, full of hope and colour and happy things! Each bubble, like each child, is unique. I hope my bubbles would make the children happy.”

This campaign received wide ranging media coverage throughout Canada. This article in the Canadian Jewish News describes this exemplary campaign and event in more detail-


All of us in Israel, especially the children and staff in the Children’s Chronic Respiratory Care Department compliment and thank all those involved in this wonderful initiative.

For more information, visit the new Canadian Friends website, www.herzoghospital.ca.